bta deep hole drilling machine

Deep Hole Drilling

Deep hole drilling is a specialized process designed to drill holes with a high depth-to-diameter ratio - usually greater than 10:1 - in a variety of materials, mostly metals.  As anyone who has drilled a hole knows, the trick to dimensional accuracy is getting the chips out of the hole as you drill.  Several deep hole drilling methods have been developed over the years including:  Boring, Trepanning, Gundrilling, EDM, and BTA Drilling.

We use a process called BTA Drilling.

BTA stands for Boring and Trepanning Association.  BTA drilling is a specialized process that uses a drill head with multiple cutting surfaces to break up the chips as it moves through the metal.  This is important because the chips are then removed from the cutting surface through the drill head at high pressure, and cleared from the hole.

The drill head itself is mounted on the end of a support tube or "spindle."  During cutting, a very-high-pressure coolant system flushes the chips back through the drill head/spindle and out of the hole.  The result is a fast, super-efficient drilling process that delivers superior dimensional accuracy and guaranteed repeatability.  BTA drilling is up to 15x faster than gundrilling, and can hold diametrical and location tolerances within  ±.002" to depths of 60 inches.

bta deep hole drilling drill head

BTA Drill Head

Up to 15x faster than gundrilling, accuracy within ±.002".

bta deep hole drilling machine

Our BTA drilling machine, inside our precision machining facility in Chatsworth, California

CraigEdward Machine has the only computer-controlled BTA drilling machine on the west coast.  This massive machine tool takes up over 800-square-feet of floor space, including the high-pressure coolant system and other sub-systems; and represents a substantial investment in deep hole drilling technology.  We can drill holes from .875" up to 6.00" in diameter and up to 60 inches deep in any machinable material, while delivering accuracy within ±.002".  That's a maximum depth-to-diameter ratio of 960:1.

This machine is designed for production.  The BTA drilling process itself is fast, and our CNC-controlled machine makes it even faster; between 7x and 15x faster than gundrilling.  What does that mean for you?  It means we can deliver your parts when you need them, without delay.  And since the process is so fast and accurate, we can save you money too.  Contact us with your next deep hole drilling requirement and find out what BTA drilling can do for you.

BTA drilling and precision machining, all under one roof.

There's a big advantage when you have BTA drilling and precision CNC turning and milling, all under one roof.  CraigEdward Machine can take raw material in solid bar form, saw the bars to length, drill a deep hole, and precision-machine to drawing requirements, without your parts leaving our building.  That kind of process control means a lot when it comes to value and reliability.

CraigEdward Machine offers you a truly unique source for precision machined parts with deep hole features.  We'll save you time and money; and deliver what you need, when you need it.  Please contact us for more information about our precision drilling and machining services, or to arrange for a tour of our facilities in Chatsworth, California.

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