Frequently Asked Questions

Where is CraigEdward Machine located?

We are located at 9800 Independence Avenue, Chatsworth, California 91311, approximately 25 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

How Long have you been in business?

CraigEdward Machine was started in 2011 in Chatsworth, California.

How large is the CraigEdward Machine manufacturing facility?

We are located in 11,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space in Chatsworth, California.

Does CraigEdward Machine offer Long-Term Purchasing Agreements and Inventory Management Services?

Yes.  CraigEdward Machine supports LTA’s and Inventory Management for your JIT delivery requirements.

Do you have CAD/CAM capabilities?

Yes.  We us an advanced CAD/CAM system that can handle your digital datasets in any standard file format.

Can you hold close dimensional tolerances?

Yes.  CraigEdward Machine has extensive experience holding machining tolerances as close as ±.0001″ (one ten-thousandth of an inch).

Can CraigEdward Machine complex parts?

Absolutely.  We have decades of experience with complex precision machining, including 3D surfacing and multi-axis machining.  We’ve proven ourselves time and again by delivering difficult-to-machine jobs that other shops won’t even touch.

Do you offer outside processing services?

Yes. We work with a number of approved and highly-qualified outside processors to provide: heat treating, welding, brazing, plating, painting, testing, cleaning, and more.

What types of materials can you machine?

We can machine a wide variety of materials from plastics and composites to aluminum and stainless steel, including high-temp and exotic metals.  You can find a list here.

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes.  Everything we manufacture is guaranteed to be in strict compliance with your drawing and contractual requirements.

Can CraigEdward Machine offer manufacturing advice during the design phase of a project?

Yes.  We frequently work with our customers to help design “manufactureability” into a project, resulting in significant cost savings over the life of the product.

Can you machine castings and forgings?

Yes.  We have the precision-machining experience and tooling knowledge required to machine castings and forgings  to your exact specifications.

What is your machining size capacity?

We have 15 modern CNC machine tools with a maximum milling capacity of 44” x 22” x 22” xyz; and a maximum turning capacity of 19” diameter x 52” length, with a 1.5” diameter bar-feed capability.

Do you offer fast deliveries?

Yes. Unlike some of our larger competitors, CraigEdward Machine doesn’t have layers of management and complicated chains of command to slow things down. When you need something quick, we have the capacity and the experience to get you what you need, when you need it.

What about hour Deep Hole Drilling services?

CraigEdward Machine has the only computer-controlled BTA deep hole drilling machine on the west coast.  We can drill holes from .875″ up to 6.00″ in diameter and up to 60 inches deep in any machinable material, while delivering accuracy within ±.002″.  And, our process is up to 15x faster than gundrilling.  Visit our Deep Hole Drilling page for more detailed information.

What industries does CraigEdward Machine serve?

We serve the defense, aerospace and medical industries; and a variety of commercial industries including: energy, transportation and telecommunications.

Who do I contact to find out about doing business with CraigEdward Machine?

We welcome your inquiries. Please contact us today at (805) 896-0669 or email us to find out what CraigEdward Machine can do for you.