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Milling Capacity 44” x 22” x 22” xyz

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Deep Hole Drilling up to 60" depth

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Complex Machining & Exotic Materials

Complex machining of exotic materials never just happens.  It is always the result of careful planning, the right equipment and, most important, a deep understanding of the precision machining process.  The ability to take a complex job from a 3D cad file to a real-world part requires a level of manufacturing expertise that few shops possess.  At CraigEdward Machine, our people have decades of experience with complex precision machining.  We offer the perfect blend of modern machine tool technology and old-school, hands-on manufacturing knowledge to deliver your parts to print and on time.  We’ve proven ourselves time and again by delivering difficult-to-machine jobs that other shops won’t even touch.

From Aluminum to High-Temp Metals to Titanium, CraigEdward Machine has the equipment and the expertise to machine your most complex requirements.  Our craftsmen can hold tolerances to .0001” with finishes measured in light bands.  For a total machining solution, you can’t beat the team at CraigEdward Machine.  Contact us to learn more about our complex precision machining capabilities and find out what we can do for you.

Decades of Precision Machining Knowledge and Experience

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The CraigEdward Story

CraigEdward Machine was started in Chatsworth, California in 2011, but our roots go much farther back than that.  In the early 1990’s our co-founder, Brian Falter, was in college studying engineering and business when he got a part-time job deburring parts in a precision machine shop.  Several years later he was the General Manager.  During the following decade Brian honed his skills in CNC machining, engineering, product design and management.  Today, those skills are the driving force behind CraigEdward Machine.

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A unique combination of precision machining resources.

CraigEdward Machine offers you a unique combination of precision machining resources.  We have 15 modern CNC machine tools with a maximum milling capacity of 44” x 22” x 22” xyz; and a maximum turning capacity of 19” diameter x 52” length, with a 1.5” diameter bar-feed capability.  We can machine a wide variety of materials from plastics and composites to aluminum and stainless steel, including high-temp and exotic metals.  Our state-of-the-art, 11,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is designed for flexible production and lean, efficient manufacturing.  We can hold tolerances as close as ±.0001” on complex configurations that other shops won’t touch.  And, we offer you a level of value and personal service that gets you what you need, when you need it, at very competitive prices.

CraigEdward Machine also offers in-house Deep Hole Drilling.  This capability is unique among precision machine shops and provides our customers with a very cost-effective deep-hole solution.  Our computer-controlled BTA drilling machine can drill holes up to 6.0” in diameter and up to 60” deep in any machinable material with an accuracy of ±.002”.  The process is up to 15x faster than gundrilling and will save you time and money, especially when combined with our precision CNC turning and milling all under one roof.

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  • precision machined part
  • precision machined part
  • precision machined part
  • precision machined part

You have many options when it comes to precision contract manufacturing.  CraigEdward Machine aims to be your best choice for quality, dependability and outstanding customer service.  Our dedicated team of professionals and craftsmen delivers value-driven precision machining solutions for our customers every day.

Let us deliver for you.  Contact us today to discover the CraigEdward difference, and be ready to be impressed.

We offer value-driven precision machining solutions.

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What's New at CraigEdward

Hyundai WIA F500 VMC

Hyundai WIA F500 VMC

CraigEdward Adds a Second Hyundai WIA F500 VMC

October 2019

CraigEdward Machine continues to grow with the addition of a second Hyundai WIA F500 VMC. This advanced machine tool features a 31.5” x 18.1” x 20.5” capacity with an 8,000-rpm spindle and is designed for production with high-speed machining, rapid traverse, and a 30-tool magazine. A high-power, high-torque headstock and high-precision angular contact bearings mean this machine can handle materials from aluminum to Inconel with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

CraigEdward Machine is dedicated to meeting the demand for our high-quality products through managed growth and expansion. We now offer 15 advanced CNC machines, and you can count on CraigEdward to stay ahead of the curve with the latest in precision machining technology. Contact us to learn more about the modern manufacturing environment at CraigEdward Machine.

Keyence XM-1000 Handheld Probe CMM

Keyence XM-1000 Handheld Probe CMM

New Keyence XM-1000 Handheld Probe CMM

October 2019

CraigEdward Machine has added a new Keyence XM-1000 Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine. This state-of-the-art instrument enables high-precision measurements using advanced probe marker triangulation. The XM Series employs a new concept whereby a hi-res camera captures near-infrared light emitted by seven markers on a handheld probe, delivering an accuracy of ±8 μm and repeatability of ±3 μm. With a capacity of 11.81” x 9.84” x 5.91” we are now able to quickly and easily verify critical dimensional features for both in-process and final inspection.

Our new XM-1000 also imports and interfaces with 3D CAD files to produce detailed inspection reports for each part. The built-in SPC software analyzes measurement results to provide statistical values, trend graphs, and histograms. At CraigEdward Machine we are committed to using the latest technology to deliver quality and real value for our customers. Contact us to learn more about our enhanced quality capabilities.

Hyundai WIA L300LA Turning Center

Hyundai WIA L300LA Turning Center

Two New Hyundai WIA L300LA Turning Centers


CraigEdward Machine has added two new Hyundai WIA L300LA Turning Centers to our CNC turning department.  These state-of-the-art machine tools are designed for production and built for accuracy.  With a 19.7” maximum turning diameter and a 52.0” maximum turning length, 3,600-rpm spindle, and a 12-station automatic turret, these powerhouse machines can take on just about any machinable material including high-temp and exotic metals.  This level of capacity and precision translates directly into increased scheduling flexibility, reduced cost, and even faster deliveries for our customers.

At CraigEdward Machine we remain at the forefront of the precision machining industry by investing in the latest, cutting-edge machining technology.  You can count on CraigEdward to have the machining capacity you need, when you need it.  To learn more please contact us today.

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